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Various Artists
(Ottawa music compilation)
Wetrecords, 1994

1. Creepshow II
Motel 9
3 BUCKS ON A HUN...! (cassette)
Wetrecords, 1994

1. Creepshow I
2. Time Machines
3. Like a Nut
4. Porch Honkies
5. Secret Message
Motel 9
GET YOUR OWN JOS LOUIS! (compact disc)

1. Waterboy
2. Goin' Down the Road
3. Grade Four Core
4. Sooperbuzz
5. Happy Circle
6. Why Joe?
Motel 9
THE COLLECTION (compact disc)
(remixes, live, and unreleased tracks)

1. The World
2. In Action Force Five
3. No Eggroll
4. Oxy Moron
5. Creepshow II (live)
6. La Bamba (live)
7. Creepshow I (remix)
8. Grade Four Core (remix)
9. Goin' Down the Road (remix)
10. Waterboy (remix)
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